Clawdeen’s story

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a diva who happened to have autism. She was a bright, cheerful and inquisitive girl, who often helped her mother with the challenge of coming up with photographs to fit a given daily prompt. In doing so, she inspired people around the world.

One day, she met Clawdeen, a beautiful doll. She loved Clawdeen and promised to always be friends with her. Clawdeen was excited to be Delilah’s friend.

But, Clawdeen disappeared. Where had she gone? Delilah often wondered what had happened to her friend.

It turns out that Clawdeen had gone on a trip around the world. At each stop, she met Delilah’s fans, seeing the sights, and collecting photographs.

The host families each wrote about their experiences with Clawdeen, and this is what this blog is all about. Here we will follow Clawdeen around the world and share those adventures together.


7 thoughts on “Clawdeen’s story

  1. Hi Delilah,and Clawdeen,
    IF Clawdeen ever finds herself in Adelaide, South Australia – then my daughter Chloe (7yrs old) and I would be happy to host her 🙂 … IF you come too Delilah you and Chloe could have a ‘playdate’ 🙂

    (P.S. My daughter and I both have a type of Autism known as Asperger Syndrome)

    • Hello,

      If you want to be involved in this project, join the following Facebook Group and look for Kim Mitchell. She is the Australia coordinator for moving Clawdeen around the country. The doll is just starting her journey, but be aware there are many people signed up, and I’m not sure if everyone will be able to host her since we are attempting to move Clawdeen to the end of her journey by the end of February, when Delilah has her birthday.

      Thanks for your interest.

  2. I am so sad I have come to this so late. We live in Scotland, beautiful but not a good place to be when you should be heading to America, I guess. How truly wonderful people are! Hope Delilah & Clawdeen have a great reunion.

    Going to tell my AspieGirl about this, she’ll love it (she’s 11 and a Clawdeen fan, too) ♥

  3. This totally brings tears to my eyes! Is it too late to add to this? I have the same Clawdeen, and a massive doll house setup, I can take pictures and write up a story tonight to add to it, if that’s allowed?

    • I imagine that would be okay, since you have your own Clawdeen doll (but, please be sure it is Clawdeen, since we have had some confusion over some of the other characters from the Monster High series).

      Please write the blog from your own point of view, not Clawdeen’s. For example: “Clawdeen came to visit me today and we went to see the sights in my hometown.”

      • Sounds like a great plan! I am a Monster High collector, so I definitely know which one is Clawdeen, and I also have this one (which is her first wave original). I also requested to join the Facebook group. I’m so excited to help!

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