Delilah and Clawdeen Reunited- A Letter of Love

Dear Friends From Around the World,

Delilah Joy

I am overwhelmed with love and kindness as I write this letter to the most amazing people I know. Delilah is completely overjoyed to have her best friend back in Brooklyn. The diva is hoping to visit many of the places Clawdeen has been to one day. She wanted me to write this letter to thank all of you for being a part of this magical journey.


Clawdeen has been sleeping in Delilah’s bed since her return home. Delilah loves brushing her wolfy mane and changing her clothes. The diva often holds Clawdeen as we read all of your extraordinary blogs. It seems like Clawdeen and Delilah were never separated. It has brought me so much joy to see Delilah and Clawdeen together.


I was happy that Delilah took her very own photo of Clawdeen sitting on our comfy couch.

Delilah had to take Clawdeen to our favorite place in Brooklyn, Coney Island.

Delilah Buddy

We had an amazing play date on the boardwalk with Delilah’s friend Ben.


Clawdeen had a chance to sunbathe on a glorious day in March. We even went to an old-fashioned candy store and had hot dogs at Nathan’s.


Delilah and Clawdeen had a fun adventure at the New Jersey Children’s Museum. Clawdeen had a chance to ride in an ambulance, examine x-rays…


… get her eyes checked, play the piano and play some drums. It was a great day of family fun.

Eye Doctor

We hope that you have enjoyed the reunion of Clawdeen and Delilah. The diva wants to thank all of you with big hugs and purple kisses. She wants to thank all of you for the amazing stories and photos. You have all helped to make Delilah’s dreams come true. The diva will always remember turning seven with Clawdeen and with her friends from around the world.

Sending lots of love from Brooklyn, New York,

Jennifer and Delilah Smoloff



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