Sleepover in St. Peters

Hey there, Delilah!



We had a visit from Clawdeen here in St. Peters, Missouri while she was making her way back to you. Her big brother Clawd heard about her trip and left her a message to give him a call when she started to get close to the area. He has been staying with my son Liam for a while, so he thought he would take the opportunity to spend some time with one of his many, many sisters. Image

While they were visiting, Liam, Clawd and Clawdeen decided to have an old fashioned pajama party. They stayed up late watching movies with snacks and soda, and talking until wee hours of the morning.



Unfortunately her stay with us was brief. Clawdeen needed to catch a bus the next day to her next stop along the way. I took her with me to work, but before getting started in the office, we have to have our morning coffee.



Then we started sorting the morning mail, which Clawdeen helped sort and staple when I needed it.


I dropped her off at the bus station and saw her off on her next adventure. We were so glad to have her for the short time. We will be following her progress from here out until she arrives home with you.

Erin, Liam and Clawd 🙂



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