Tea in Tasmania


Dear Delilah,

When Clawdeen arrived at my house one afternoon, we went to visit my grandchildren…


… Angus, who is five…


… and Isabella, who is 2.


They live close by to us on a small farm.

Clawdeen enjoyed meeting the grandkids and watching them play! She thought they were funny and they thought she was beautiful! After visiting with them, we came home and went to bed as the next day was going to be very busy.

We got up the next morning and went to see the cows on the farm.


Clawdeen rode the mower and the little quad bike.


Then she had morning tea with Barbie and her twin sister.


After that, we went for a drive up to the top of Mount Wellington. It was very windy and quite cool up there but Clawdeen liked the view of Hobart.


We decided to take Clawdeen to the beach. Sandy Bay beach was warm after being up on the cold mountain. Clawdeen liked it there, because it reminded her of Coney Island!  


Clawdeen liked lying in the sun on the warm sand, but i could tell she was getting very homesick.


Clawdeen was missing you, Delilah.


After a look around the playground…


… and the park, we decided to take Clawdeen back to our house to get her ready for her big journey from our little island, Tasmania, to you, Delilah, in Brooklyn,  New York!

We came home and had tea and had an early night. The next morning Clawdeen thanked us for having her to stay and for helping her get back to you.

By Jill Allen


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