Trekking around Texas

Dear Delilah,

I was ecstatic when Clawdeen arrived at her only stop in Texas and I couldn’t wait to show her as many neat things as I could in the short time we had.


The first thing we did was go eat authentic Mexican food at a local restaurant. I live in Bay City, Texas which is 60 miles south of Houston.


My cat’s name is Bella and she was very curious when Clawdeen arrived.


The next day, Clawdeen thought it was way too early to wake up to go to work with me. But she had fun when we got there. I work at a nuclear plant.


We were able to find a hard hat to fit Clawdeen and received special permission to take pictures.


Clawdeen enjoyed the Wonder Woman action figures on my desk. She really liked the Lego one, which stars in the new Lego Movie!


On a special road trip to Austin, Texas, Clawdeen was thrilled to see the State Capitol. My friend from work found her a cowboy hat! Clawdeen insisted we stand far enough away to get the whole thing in the picture. She wanted to show you how big things are in Texas — big hats and big buildings!


On the way home we stopped at a roadside store and took her picture with a giant squirrel. Can you see Clawdeen in this picture? She seems very tiny!


They even had pecan pies in a vending machine outside the store.

Clawdeen thoroughly enjoyed her visit with us. I sure enjoyed having her. We are so happy that she will be home with you soon and can tell you all about her travels. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl Delilah!

By Ellen K. Farmer


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