Adventures in Algonac

Hey Delilah,

I received a box in the mail not too long ago, and at first wondered what might be inside. I opened it, and found some interesting items: a stand, some accessories, a journal, a nice little note… My son Marshall was standing nearby and I was explaining about Clawdeen and her adventures. I was kind of puzzled that I got all these things but no Clawdeen, until I reached down into the bottom of the box, and there she was! Such a beautiful doll! She kind of hung out by the computer for a while, and I finally figured I should show her around.


First, I decided to make us a snack… one of my faves, peanut butter and Ritz crackers. Here we are, getting our munchies on!


After we had our snack, I thought Clawdeen might want to meet Otis from Back at the Barnyard. Delilah, your Mom tells me you like that show. My friend Diane sent me Otis from Germany. She saw him and thought he looked a lot like the character on the show. He has writing on his belly, because I met Chris Hardwick, who did the voice for Otis. He was more than happy to sign Otis for me. I think Clawdeen and Otis hit it off quite well:


I decided to make some more yummy food for us after that, so here are some pics of Clawdeen, posing with a pan of a treats called Scotcheroos. They’re kind of like Rice Krispie treats, except instead of marshmallows, you heat up corn syrup and sugar until the sugar dissolves. Then you add peanut butter to it, and stir this sticky mixture into Rice Krispies. You press it into a 13 x 9 pan, and top it off with butterscotch chips and chocolate chips.


In one pic, the chips are not yet melted, and in the other, they are, after putting the pan in the microwave.


I decided to let the chocolate set on the Scotcheroos, and went over by the computer, where I let Clawdeen listen to some music from my rock cover band, Problem Child. I think she liked us! I sing in the band, my husband plays guitar, and two friends play bass and drums. We have lots of fun, Delilah! If you would like to hear our music, you can go here:


I noticed that Clawdeen has double pierced ears, so I thought she might like to see part of my collection of earrings. My ears are triple pierced, and I like wearing lots of dangle earrings. I think Clawdeen really liked the earrings. They are on an earring tree that looks like Marilyn Monroe. You can ask your mom about her, Delilah. Here, Clawdeen is reaching out to touch the earrings.


After I showed Clawdeen my earrings, I decided to venture outside with her to show her one of my gargoyles. Delilah, a gargoyle is a mythical creature. People believed that gargoyles could protect them. I just think they’re cool. I have four gargoyles… two on my front porch, one perched up high in a willow tree in my backyard, and one on the garden wall on the side of my house. That last one is the one I showed to Clawdeen. Here are Clawdeen and my gargoyle. I think they have a similar expressions on their faces!


After I showed Clawdeen my gargoyle, we went back inside. It was time for Clawdeen to travel on to her next destination. I was sad to see her go. She was such a lovely guest. I decided to give her a Scotcheroo before she had to leave. Here she is with the Scotcheroo, waving goodbye!

I really enjoyed telling you about Clawdeen’s visit to Algonac.

Love and hugs,

Patti Brown


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