Patrolling with the Police


Hey there, Delilah!

Clawdeen arrived at my home in Delaware, and I was so thrilled to have her visit!

The next day, Clawdeen read a book while I took care of my whole beauty routine.  Clawdeen could not
understand why it takes me so long to curl my hair and put my makeup on. Gee, I hurried!


At last! Off we went! We stopped by my workplace, a 911 call center. Clawdeen was very curious and glad to see the actual people who take the emergency calls. She was amazed at how many people call. The phone was always ringing.  She also thought it quite odd what some people call 911 for. What really amazed her were all the prank calls, or hang-ups, that come in. She saw how each call needs to be investigated, which takes precious time away from someone who truly needs help. I think that, even though this was more educational than fun, Clawdeen enjoyed it.


After that, we went to the state police barracks and met some troopers. Clawdeen was very uneasy and nervous, but I assured her they are just regular people. There was nothing to be afraid of. They showed
Clawdeen around.


When she saw the prison cells, we agreed they were gross and stinky! We decided to just stay outside the cell!


Then we took a little ride in the police car.


That was much more fun, since Clawdeen got to play with the lights and sirens…


… and the police radio.


Clawdeen really liked posing with the trooper hats, too. What she found funny though, was the fact these big, strong state troopers seemed scared to get their picture taken with her. It made us both laugh!

We said our thank yous and good byes and went over to the helicopter hanger a few miles away.


Master Corporal Joe, who is a pilot as well as a state trooper, took us all around and showed us his stuff.


He let Clawdeen sit in the pilot’s seat, from which she climbed up onto the dash for a better view.


Corporal Joe helped her climb up onto the top of the windshield, where she said she had the best view of all.


Clawdeen also posed on the outside step…


… and was particularly interested in the stretcher seats in the back of the chopper.


Once again, we had to laugh because Corporal Joe did not want his picture taken with Clawdeen either!  We did sneak one in though. I’m glad Clawdeen understood when Corporal Joe said it was far too windy to take a ride that day. Darn! But Joe said to come back another time and he would take us up. Maybe someday!

So that was our little adventure. Even though there were no glorious beaches or fabulous sights to see, Clawdeen seemed to really enjoy herself.

Thank you, Delilah. Without this, I don’t think I would have ever met such wonderful new friends! What a joy this has been.

By Mary Harvey


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