A Princess on the Edge of Europe

Olá Delilah,

Clawdeen just stopped by Portugal on her way back home to you, and I was delighted to show her around. We went for a tour around Lisbon and made a quick pass through fabulous Sintra.

As Lisbon is one very popular city, and many people come to visit, Clawdeen was very lucky to find some other Monster High friends here! They arranged a surprise party at a local disco before Clawdeen continued her journey back to you. She loved it and had lots of fun!


Although the weather was not that good, Clawdeen insisted on going on the roof top of the touring bus. She loved the view, but I was glad she didn’t catch a cold!


Our first stop was Belem Tower, which had a significant role in the Portuguese maritime discoveries of the 16th century. The tower was part of a defense system at the mouth of the Tagus River and is a gateway to the city of Lisbon. Clawdeen was amazed with the magnificence of the Belem Tower!


She also wanted to have a picture with the Rotary Monument that is right next to the Tower. “I could bring this one home with me! Delilah would love it!” she said.


We couldn’t leave this area without tasting the famous Pastéis de Belém!  Clawdeen liked them so much that she ordered, not one or two, but six! Of course, I didn’t allow her to eat them all right then and there. We saved some to eat later.


As the rain stopped for a while, we walked a bit along the river to take some pics. Clawdeen wanted to go on a boat ride but, unfortunately, we had no time. She loved the colours of the houses behind the boats.


When Clawdeen saw the bridge over the Tagus, she found it similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and she is right! They are pretty similar. She wanted to cross the river to go up to the top of the Christ King Shrine, where one has the most amazing view over Lisbon, but the wind was so strong that it was closed.


Shhh! Don’t tell anyone I showed you this, OK? It is just proof of what I said about the wind. Clawdeen would not like you to see her fall.


Clawdeen felt like she was touring around a city of kings and queens, because all the monuments were very old and great! She felt like a princess! Here we stood on one of Lisbon’s many gazebos, looking over the Castle of São Jorge, one of the main tourist sites of Lisbon.


Clawdeen fell in love with our lovely pavement patterns, though it’s not very comfortable with high heels!


Leaving Lisbon behind, we headed to the town of Sintra, a unique place were nature, beautiful palaces, castles and magic get together perfectly. Clawdeen was really excited to go there!


The Moorish Castle on the top of the hill…


A ray of sun just touched upon some gorgeous purple daisies and Clawdeen jumped in for the picture, as it is your favourite colour.


“Princess” Clawdeen loved Sintra and its beautiful surroundings. What a wonderful time we had here!


Before leaving Sintra, we went for a coffee and a local traditional cake, called Almond Pillow! She laughed a lot when I asked for it! It’s a very yummy cake made of puff pastry filled with fresh eggs and almonds and dusted with sugar. They are even tastier when they are warm, right out of the oven.  She told me that when I go to Brooklyn, she would take me to have an amazing cherry-pear pie at Pies ‘n’ Things. I’m looking forward that!


Our last visit was to Cabo da Roca, which is the westernmost point of continental Portugal as well as continental Europe. That makes this the part of continental Europe that is closest to America.


Here Clawdeen was a bit sad as she was homesick. She knew that you, Delilah, were on the other side of this wonderful Atlantic Ocean, waiting for her, and she missed you a lot.


So, to cheer her up, all her friends came to pick her up for a farewell party. They all met here, at my place, for make-up and dressing! And off to the disco they went! They had a wonderful night, and right after the party Clawdeen headed to the airport to go home to you, her Best Friend Forever!

Beijinhos from all of us here in Lisbon!

Storyteller: Filipa Pinto Coelho

Photos by: Jorge Bento and Filipa Pinto Coelho

Video: Jorge Bento

Special thanks to: Vera Rolo


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