Gallivanting in Germany



Hey there Delilah,

While doing the dishes yesterday, I heard someone at the door. When I opened it, I found Clawdeen waving at me. I was delighted that she had included Berlin as a stop on her travels!

I said goodbye to the dishes and took Clawdeen for a sight-seeing tour around Berlin… little did I know what she would find on her way.



We took our very own Berlin S-Bahn, a type of above-ground train, to ride to the other side of Berlin to start at the Eastside Gallery. This is the largest extant part of the Berlin Wall, a wall that divided my city for almost 30 years. Clawdeen liked that artists from all over the world came to Berlin to draw their ideas of freedom and peace on the Wall and thus create an open-air gallery. She particularly liked the white dove.



From there we continued to the area called Mitte (middle) in order to show Clawdeen some of the nicer sights. We went over to the Alexanderplatz. Understandably, the TV tower, at 368 meters tall (1207 feet), grabbed her attention. As we walked around it, we saw the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall) on the left.



Clawdeen was drawn to the Neptunbrunnen (Neptune Fountain). You can see her making friends with the sea lion, the turtle and the goat.



She was surprised to find this many animals in a city and decided to look out for them.

On our way to the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) she met a sea horse guarding an entrance and one of the Buddy Bears. I told her that the bear is the mascot of Berlin and appears on our flag.



We continued to stroll over to the Cathedral. Clawdeen had to listen to a lot of stories as this happens to be one of my favourite buildings in Berlin. Though I think all she remembers is that the Cathedral is 120 years old.

On the last photo you can see that she climbed up on what was once a royal garden right next to the Cathedral. She was as puzzled as me as to why they are building a new castle now. You can see the cranes in the background.



As the sun began to set we quickly grabbed the bus, because I really wanted to show her the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) and the Bundestag (The Federal Diet). She saw quite a lot of people taking photos of something behind the Brandenburger Tor and when she turned around she realised that you could see the Siegessäule (Victory Column) in the sunset. Clawdeen had to giggle when she found out that we call her the “Golden Lizzy.”



We then drove back to my place. Before going to bed, she was attracted to the full moon we had that night.



While I was back to my chores, Clawdeen found some of my props for PAD and played around with them. And she found another animal on her safari.



I had to teach my students the next day, but Clawdeen insisted that she was on holiday and therefore went to the playground!

After that, Clawdeen left, ready to go on to her next adventure on her way home to you, Delilah.



Thank you for staying with me, Clawdeen. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.


Lots of love from Berlin and Faina


One thought on “Gallivanting in Germany

  1. Lovely post, Faina! Felt like being present while watching the photos. Really like your style – maybe you should consider making a Berlin tour guide? 😉

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