Winging by Williamsport

I arrived home one afternoon to find a nondescript box lying on my front porch. Hmmm…  I haven’t purchased anything lately… I don’t have a secret admirer (well, maybe one)… Is this a late Valentine’s Day pressie? Stumped, I took the box inside. Then, as I walked up the steps, it hit me… during an intense Penn State hockey game last week, I received a FB post from Colorado …OH, YEAH! Ms. Clawdeen has arrived!


A quick unveiling, turn on the tunes and the glam shots commence.


After a long weekend, a hectic day at work, and a exhausting cross-country trip for Ms. Clawdeen, we quickly decided it was best to eat supper, meet the pets, Chipper the Dog and Chessie the Cat, and veg for the night. But, before settling in, we hastily planned tomorrow’s adventure with keen anticipation.

Pets PSD

Up bright and early and rubbing sleep from our eyes, we headed outside with Chipper the Dog for a quick tramp in the snow. Well… today of all days, he decides to lollygag doing his business (he knew fun was in the air). Never one to miss an opportunity, Clawdeen coaxed a few diva pics…who knew the snow to be so deep!


A forecast for freezing rain and ice had us scampering out the door to arrive at the home of the Little League World Series ( We arrived just as the sun was attempting to welcome the day.


Quietly overlooking the Susquehanna Valley and buried in snow, Clawdeen was impressed and awed at the Little League complex. Roaring to life in July and August, the Howard J. Lamade and Volunteer Stadiums and The Grove hold victory or defeat, screams or tears, exhilaration or downfall; always striving to instill pride, character, courage and loyalty in today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.



A favorite of all who attend, no trip is complete without a picture of the infamous Little League mascot, Dugout. Available in person during the series, we settled for a pic of Dugout painted on the stadium…He must be vacationing in Australia, enjoying the warm weather and sandy beaches.


With chilly fingers, we trudged back through the snow, stopping at the gift shop. Sadly, it wouldn’t be open until later that day. We snapped a few pics of the Little League logo and dashed back to the car to warm up.


Bracing for the impending storm, we zipped into the local grocery store to pick up milk for the necessary “OMG…We’re having a storm… French toast” (already have bread and eggs…hehe). Clawdeen was more than happy to sit in the basket and ogle the stockmen scattered throughout.


Off to work to finance the travel addiction, Clawdeen demanded a chat at the water cooler and listened to all the latest office banter, adding a few snippets of her own.

Water Cooler

Still cold from the morning’s adventures, we warmed up and reenergized with a cup of tea and bowl of cereal.


During a tour of the office, Clawdeen spied the copy machine…WELL!!! Let’s just say she had a blast… happy girl!


We had planned an outing to the local SPCA to meet and great with the pups and kitties, but as usual, too many fun things to accomplish in one day. Once again, work seemed got in the way …sigh…

As the day came to a close, and sending Clawdeen onto another adventure, we said our goodbyes and exchanged well-wishes. Farewell my friend, farewell…

By Steph McDermott


One thought on “Winging by Williamsport

  1. looks like Clawdeen had a great time! We actually blew thru williamsport last wednesday on our way to tioga county for a minivacation… heading home on monday Presidents’ Day. I love williamsport. We are glued to the tv during the little league playoffs. Good job Steph!!!

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