Wild in Wellington

Dearest Delilah,

Last week we had a wee visit
From a traveling doll called Clawdeen!
She had style, she had sass!
She had the shortest skirt I’ve ever seen!



Our first stop of the day,
Was to visit our Wellington sign.
Even though it was very windy,
On the car she had to climb.



Next we drove to town
And took a walk, just her and me!
A quick visit to Te Papa,
Our National Museum by the sea.



Cuba Mall was next on route…
A street filled with culture and soul.
Near our famous Bucket Fountain,
Some water fun for this adventurous doll!



Later, back home in Miramar,
Where New Zealand movies are made,
We went to meet Gollum!
Clawdeen was ever so brave!



From there we headed to Weta Cave,
Full of movie props and clothes,
Where she sat in front of King Kong
Pulling his scariest pose!



On leaving Weta Cave,
We made another quick stop!
Clawdeen wanted to play
With a Hobbit troll near the shop!


Our day was sadly over.
Time for Clawdeen to go!
She took off in a Barbie car.
I have to admit – I will miss her so!


Love Sarah (Purdy) and her family


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