Horsing Around in La Herradura

Hey there Delilah,

My name is Carol and I met your friend Clawdeen in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, also known as Holland. My family lives there, so when I was over for a visit, she stayed with us, and together we travelled back home to Spain.



In Amsterdam, it was really cold, wet and very misty, but she was very excited to see a bit of the city, especially the water! There is a lot of water in Holland and Clawdeen is attracted by it in a big way! In Amsterdam you have the famous canals where you can sail with in a little motor boat. There are even boats that you can live on.



There are also a lot of bikes in Amsterdam, they say there are more bikes then there are people! Around Central Station they have to stall their bikes on the water on top of each other there is just not enough space for them anywhere else.



We went to Central Station and got on the train for a little visit to Rotterdam. Rotterdam is another big city in Holland with a really big port where all the big ships come from all over the world. In Rotterdam I showed her a place with some iconic views. There are some funny looking houses that look like they are upside down. They are called Cubic Homes. Next to them is an apartment building that people in Rotterdam call “The Pencil.” Many buildings, bridges and places in the city have nicknames given by the people who live there. There is also the library with the big yellow pipes on the outside. In front, where all the bikes are is “Station Blaak” here you can get on the bus and the tram but underground there is also the metro and the trains stopping.



We had a wonderful time in Holland. Clawdeen said that she liked it but she could not understand a word of what people were saying, since they speak Dutch! But we were ready for some sunshine in Spain, so we got on a plane and four hours later we were home. I was not feeling so well when I got home, so I had to go to bed, sleep and get better. Clawdeen wandered around the house by herself and took a really nice warm bath. I heard her chatting with Tiger the Cat about all the adventures she has been in.



Then a bit later, all of a sudden, I heard noise coming from my craft room and I found her behind the sewing machine making all sorts of things for herself! She made some bracelets, a beach towel for sunbathing and a nice comfy blanket to sleep under and also a headband! You can imagine my surprise!

She said that her hair had been bothering her with all this wind we were having, so she found a solution.

When she was looking in the mirror, I told her she looked just like your mum, Delilah, with the headband! She looked surprised, and said, “You are so silly! Can´t you see that my ears are pointy and on top of my head? How I would look if my ears were in the same place as Delilah´s mum?”



After I got better, we went for a ride on the scooter.

We went to the beach to explore. The weather was pretty nice for this time of year so we brought our beach towels. Clawdeen told me that you and she love the beach! She had seen some pretty amazing beaches in Australia when she was there! 



I let Clawdeen in on a little village secret, and because she is your friend I will tell you also… When you see the temperature that says 25 degrees, it´s not true! It is always 5 degrees colder then it says on the board! But it´s sometimes funny to send pictures home or to your friends and family that are having rain and cold in other parts of the world to show them that we have 25 degrees in winter!



We went to see the neighborhood. Around here we have a lot of small beaches, and there is one at the bottom of the mountain that I live on. Driving around, she was lucky to see some of the almond trees still in bloom and really wanted a picture.



When we got to the beach, she was a bit shocked to see all the rocks instead of white sand, but that´s how our beaches look. When she heard the waves she started running to the water and got here feet wet.



After we did some sunbathing, we went for a walk to explore the little village I live in. It´s called La Herradura, which translates to “The Horseshoe!” The village is called after the shape of the bay. In the winter time, like now, there are not a lot of people here. But in the summer, there are so many people you can’t even park in the village! There are a lot of small streets and stairs to climb to get to the top of the village. You can see the sea from every little house. On the beach, the little boats are waiting for the fishermen to go out and catch fresh fish early in the morning for the restaurants, and to sell at the market.



When we got back home, I was looking for her everywhere! I finally found her climbing trees, looking at the pretty flowers and searching my phone for photos.



She had a giggle when she saw her picture sitting in the plane looking down at Spain. Something had happened to her hair and she had not noticed until now! Her hair got all charged with static electricity and stood up! 



It was getting late in the day, and Clawdeen was a bit excited, because there was a full moon this evening! During the middle of the night, I saw her climbing out of the window! She is quite a handful! You have to keep an eye on her the whole time, or before you know it, she is off to look at something new!



Luckily, I found her sleeping in her bed the next morning!

It was time to say goodbye. After breakfast, she had to go and meet some new friends and make her way home to you. I was very happy to have your friend over for a visit, Delilah!

There is a picture she asked me to share with you. We found this great neon letter sign in the industrial part of Amsterdam, and I had to explain to her what it meant. it!



Now she knows, and she wanted you to see that it means, “Don´t be afraid!”

You are very lucky to have such a fearless friend that travelled around the world to have her picture taken and meet new friends. Keep her close at all times, Chica!

Greetings from Spain!


By Carol van Mourik


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