Hooray for Hollywood

Hey there, Delilah!


Guess who showed up at my house! Clawdeen! We were very excited to have her stay for a few days. My girls, Gemini and Jadi, showed her around outside, and then made her feel comfy and cozy by sharing the couch and their favorite purple blanket with her!


Clawdeen went to work with me and was very helpful answering the phone, greeting families and overseeing the staff as they checked in on the computer. During our break time, she enjoyed some hot tea with me!


When she realized I work at a preschool, she insisted on going into the classroom to see what was going on. She enjoyed participating in Share Time, Story Time, Journal Writing and Computer Time!


Clawdeen had hoped to find you, Delilah, in the preschool room, but instead she made a few new friends out on the play yard. She had such a fun time and can’t wait to tell you all about it!


The next day, we decided to take Clawdeen on a Metro ride to Hollywood. As she stepped off the train, she said, “Mind the Gap,” which is something they say in Europe and it means “Watch your Step.”


Clawdeen couldn’t believe she had made it to Hollywood, California! While she was there she walked along the Walk of Fame, where many famous people have been given stars in their honor. She dreamed about one day having her own star on Hollywood Blvd.


Some of the famous places Clawdeen visited while in Hollywood were the “Musso and Frank Grill,” one of the oldest restaurants in Hollywood, where many movie stars have enjoyed their dinners; the “El Capitan Theater,” a fun place to go to see all the newest movies; and “Graumann’s Chinese Theater,” where movie stars have been leaving their hand and foot prints in the concrete for many, many years. She was quite excited to compare her foot size to those of Marilyn Monroe!


Clawdeen was a bit star-struck when she came face to face with Shrek, Bumblebee (from Transformers), some of her favorite super heroes, and the members of the rock band, KISS!


We finally made our way to Universal City Walk where Clawdeen enjoyed the sights and sounds of this popular tourist spot. She was able to visit the Hard Rock Café and spent some time cooling off by the silly fountain—but don’t worry, she didn’t get wet!


After a busy day of walking, Clawdeen was quite hungry! We stopped at the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs and she ordered a New York Dog because it reminded her of home. For dessert she chose to go to Sparky’s where they serve mini donuts just her size!


All good things must come to an end, and so we sadly said good-bye to Clawdeen. She is very anxious to get back home to you and we wish her well on her journey.

Sending love and hugs from Los Angeles, California,

Your friends, David and Peggy Cook



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