Victory in Vegas

Hey there Delilah!



We were so excited to have Clawdeen join us for our trip to Las Vegas. We went there to watch the Continental Cup of Curling. We are big fans of the sport, and we thought Clawdeen would enjoy watching!


On our first day there we went straight to the rink to watch the North American team, which is made up of Canadian and U.S. members, curl. Clawdeen was very excited and happy she that could cheer for both the American and Canadian players without having to choose a side!


The North American Team ended up winning the whole thing and that made Clawdeen very happy.


The next day, we went for a long walk along the famous Vegas Strip to take in some of the sights.


Caesars Palace, The Bellagio and The Flamingo are just a few of the famous hotels along the Vegas Strip.


Clawdeen especially enjoyed the water fountains outside many of the hotels.


She also really enjoyed the Caesars Palace Hotel and the beautiful sculptures outside of it. She wishes we could have gone inside to see Celine Dion perform. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out, so we weren’t able to go. Maybe if she comes back to Las Vegas one day, she can go and see her. Do you like Celine Dion, Delilah?

While walking along the Vegas Strip, Clawdeen was able to meet many new friends.


Hello Kitty…


… one of the Minions from Despicable Me


… Elmo…


… and some Las Vegas showgirls were some of her favorite new friends!


On our last day, we went for a drive to the desert outside of Las Vegas. Clawdeen spotted a unique looking tree, which we found was called a Joshua Tree. Although it looked a bit uncomfortable, Clawdeen was happy to be able to get up close to it for a picture!

All in all, Clawdeen really enjoyed her visit to Las Vegas, and she’d love to go back one day soon!


Faye & Dennis Work


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