Sauntering in Sydney

Hi Delilah,

My name is Karla, and I was so excited to hear that your friend Clawdeen was coming to stay the night at our house. 

I live in a city called Sydney, and that is in Australia. I saw you singing “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!” So I know that you already know about Australia. 

After waking up, Clawdeen said that she wanted to visit some landmarks in Sydney so that she could tell you about them when she got home. 


We went for a drive to Bondi Beach. It is similar to Coney Island Beach, where you go with your mum and Jackson sometimes. 

It is very warm here in Australia and there were lots of people swimming and laying on the beach. Isn’t this quite different from the weather you are having at your house, Delilah? 


While we were at Bondi Beach, I showed Clawdeen the lifeguard tower.



Clawdeen learnt that you must always swim between the flags. This is where the lifeguards patrol and the beach is the safest.



We then went to a park high on a hill to see the Sydney city landscape. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy. But you can see in our photo, off in the distance if you look really hard, the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

 Right beside The Sydney Harbor Bridge is where we were heading next. It took us 30 minutes to drive there from the park. 



We finally arrived. Beside the Sydney Harbor Bridge is an amusement park called Luna Park. It is very similar to Coney Island. Clawdeen loved the big happy smiling face and said that it reminded her of your smiling face, Delilah. She also loved seeing the people going around in the Ferris wheel.



Clawdeen wanted you to imaging how big the bridge was by stretching her hands out wide. 



It was an action-packed day for us all, so we decided to go home to relax. Clawdeen said she wanted to sit outside in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. I have a rainbow-colored hammock that I relax in, which Clawdeen said was perfect. She said she was thinking about what you and Jackson were doing. And she’s counting down the days till she sees you all again. 



In the garden, Clawdeen found a dandelion! You like dandelions don’t you, Delilah? She said she wanted to make a wish, so she did. Can you think of what that wish might have been? 



The next day, while sitting on the couch, Clawdeen spoke to Maui, my 9-year old son. Maui put some ears on his head that looked just like Clawdeen’s. They talked about different things, but Clawdeen talked the most about you, Delilah, and, of course, Jackson. Maui was so interested. Maui told Clawdeen that he had been to Brooklyn last year. He had so much fun there and would love to go back again, especially if he could meet you and Jackson. 



Maui suggested that they play on the trampoline before leaving for the day. Clawdeen loved jumping so high! 



She also loved hanging out on the basketball hoop, which was on the trampoline. What a funny place to have a hoop! 



We all got ready to catch the train to Circular Quay. Clawdeen couldn’t wait for us to all have a look at The Opera House and The Sydney Harbor Bridge. 



The train ride was a great adventure! Maui enjoyed being Clawdeen’s tour guide. He liked helping her up to see out the window. You catch trains too, don’t you, Delilah ? 



When we got to Circular Quay Clawdeen was amazed at how beautiful Sydney Harbor was. There were a lot of people about.

Clawdeen was a fabulous guest and she is more than welcome to return to stay anytime. That goes for you too Delilah. 

All our love from Sydney, Australia. 

By Karla Allen and Maui



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