Strolling Around Southbank

Hey there Delilah,


After her long bus trip from Sydney, Clawdeen arrived at Southbank in Brisbane just in time for lunch at Amici’s. It was very fortunate she arrived today as there was a group of Brisbane Photo-A-Day ladies having a day out!  It was very windy and Clawdeen was quite thirsty, and was in a hurry to have a drink… oh, no! She slipped into the water carafe! Fortunately, there wasn’t much water in it so she didn’t get wet! I was very excited to meet Clawdeen and just had to have a photo with her. Clawdeen enjoyed reading the menu and very kindly agreed to share a pizza with me (it was too much for me to eat alone)! It was very yummy.

clawdeen and elsie 3

Clawdeen and I decided it would be a good idea to brush her hair and meet the rest of the group. One of the ladies, Glynnis Henderson Woods, brought along a friend for Clawdeen to talk to. Her name is Elsie-Rose and she is a Troll.


When we finished lunch, Clawdeen, Elsie-Rose, Glynnis, Gail and I went for a walk around the parklands.


They had a photo sitting in the branches of the Bougainvillea Arch.


Clawdeen knows how much you like purple and thought you would like the tree, as it has beautiful purple/pink flowers.


We came upon a peaceful rock pool and Clawdeen asked if she could have a little rest.  She was thinking that you would have liked it and wished you were with her to see it.


Clawdeen and Elsie-Rose saw a bridge and wanted to have a photo there too. It was very windy, so I held onto them both!


Further along the path we came upon a statue of a man and his dog. Clawdeen thought it would be fun to sit on the head of the dog. Elsie-Rose was not as brave!


At the bottom of the statue there were some footprints. Clawdeen was very curious as to where they would lead. I told her they would eventually lead back to you, Delilah!

It was beginning to get late and Clawdeen was a bit tired, so I said goodbye to her. All the ladies who joined me today, Glynnis Henderson Woods, Rebel-Kim Davidson, Marilyn Wilson, Donna Brittan, Andrea Chisholm, Karen and Billy Walter, Cheryl McRae, Yvonne Hawkins, Shirley McLaren, Gail and Angela Forbes, and Laraine McIntosh wanted to say a big hello to you and your family, Delilah!

Much love and hugs from Donna Cosgrove in Brisbane Australia XOXO


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