Sightseeing in Sydney

Hi Delilah,



While I was visiting Melbourne, Australia, I met up Liz, who had Clawdeen, and we thought that she might like to come to Sydney for a visit. This is Liz and me with Clawdeen, and the old-fashioned building in the background is Flinders Street Railway Station, where Liz caught her train.



Clawdeen and I had to catch a plane back to Sydney. While we were enroute, Clawdeen decided to have a look out the window.



She also decided to have something to eat and drink. The landing was a bit bumpy, but Clawdeen really enjoyed the experience of flying in a plane.



Once we were in Sydney, my daughter Emily and I met up with my friend Karla and her son Maui. We showed her around the city. Here, Clawdeen and I are posing with a street artist.



We showed Clawdeen the Opera House, which is a very famous building in Sydney. It was very windy and Clawdeen kept on falling over. Here we are, my daughter Emily, me and Maui with Clawdeen, at the front of the Opera House. I wonder, have you ever seen photos of it before, Delilah?



Karla, Maui and Emily showed Clawdeen some of the harbour around Sydney. Can you see what Karla is wearing on her head? She bought some ears to be like Clawdeen!



Clawdeen was so excited to finally see the Sydney Harbour Bridge that she insisted having her photo taken with it.



There were lots of people in Sydney that day, getting ready to celebrate Australia Day. But Clawdeen had a lot of fun with Emily and Maui, and they enjoyed showing her around. Here they are just hanging out and enjoying the sights.



Clawdeen liked the Opera House so much; she wanted another photo in front of it with Emily and Maui, and to show you the whole building.



Phew! Clawdeen was very tired after all that walking and so were we! Here she is with Emily in front of the coach that will take her to the next stop on her way back home. Karla was lovely enough to let Emily keep the cute ears.



We were sad to say goodbye, but we know that Clawdeen has to go. Here’s Clawdeen waving goodbye! Karla, Maui, Emily and I really enjoyed showing Clawdeen around Sydney.

Love from Joanne (Boyd)



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