Monster High Reunion in Murwilumbah


Clawdeen had a little sleep in this morning after her big trip to Murwilumbah, so her day started a little later than usual.



Once she was up and ready, she sat on a fence and enjoyed her surroundings even though the day was a little cloudy and cool. She wanted me to take a photo of her holding onto her Australian flag with the famous Mt Warning in the background. It is a little hard to see because of the weather, but you can just make it out. It is my favourite mountain.



I was very lucky that Clawdeen was able to visit on Australia Day, and she asked if she could help with the cooking of the sausages and steak for lunch on the traditional barbecue. Once the barbecue was cooked, she went inside to see what else was happening.



While waiting for lunch to be ready, Clawdeen wanted to sit up on the counter next to the colourful meringues that were made for Australia Day. She was very excited that she would be having a real Australian Pavlova for dessert after lunch.



She noticed a kangaroo on the floor and, because she knows that Delilah loves kangaroos, asked if she could have her photo taken with it.


Image Image

By this time, lunch was ready! Clawdeen really enjoyed her sausages and salad, and the Pavlova was really delicious.



After lunch, Clawdeen got a surprise visit from some of her Monster High pals when they came with a little girl called Ruby. Clawdeen wanted to have her photo taken with Ruby so that Delilah would know that she had been looked after during her travels and visit.



They decided to go for a drive in a pink car that we let Clawdeen borrow.



Clawdeen was very excited to catch up with all her Monster High friends as they had a lovely afternoon tea with Ruby.



We didn’t realise how fast time had flown by, so Clawdeen had to rush away to catch the bus to her next stop. She waved goodbye to Ruby while she waited for her bus.  


By Debbie Huxstep


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