Trekking Around Tooloom Falls


Miss Clawdeen arrived in Urbenville the day before Australia Day. She was very pleased to have the company of Barbie 1 and Barbie 2 for her visit and they sat around the old castle walls of my bonsai pot plant to make plans for their celebrations.


Australia Day dawned overcast and rainy as it usually does, but that does not stop an Aussie having a good time! The girls packed up and headed down to the local waterfall at Tooloom with my family for an outing anyway.


Clawdeen and the Barbies kicked off their shoes and made a wonderful sandcastle out of river sand. They put Australian flags on the parapets and Clawdeen pretended to be the queen of the castle, sitting right up on top.



After they had built sandcastles they were quite sandy so Barbie 1 suggested a swim. Clawdeen knew from her trip to Eden that she must swim between the flags, so my grandsons, Sean and Christopher, stood in as lifeguards for the day and proudly held their Aussie flags high.



My eldest Grandson TJ played his grandfather’s didgeridoo for the girls and Clawdeen was fascinated by its haunting sound. She thought sitting in the bush listening to the didgeridoo was as wonderful as any opera she had ever been to.



It had been a long climb down to the beach at the bottom of the falls and now it was time to make the trek back to the top. Clawdeen decided if she ever comes back to visit Tooloom Falls again she will pack her swimmers and most certainly wear shorts or jeans! The Australian bush is no place for a mini skirt!


When Clawdeen reached the top of the falls, she wanted to be alone for a few minutes to enjoy the peace and reflect on her travels. She would have so much to show and tell her little Diva Delilah and sweet little Jackson. I do believe she was so homesick she made the rain start.


As the girls left the National Park they stopped for one more photo. Clawdeen gave a big “thank you” wave to all the people she has met so far on her travels. Now, though, it was time to go home for a warm shower and a good sleep. Tomorrow she would be on her way to the next leg of her journey home. 

By Melissa Withey


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