Playing in Palm Springs!

Hey there Delilah,

I’m so glad that Clawdeen decided to stop by the Coachella Valley in Southern California on her way home to you. My name is Cyndi and I live in Indio, California, which is considered the City of Festivals, because of the many events we have where people come to enjoy our beautiful weather!


I told Clawdeen about the major music festivals held in April – two weekends of Coachella followed by Stagecoach. These are world renowned art and music festivals held near my home at the Empire Polo Fields. I took Clawdeen there, and since there are currently horses there for a polo tournament, we got a little peek at some of them.

On our way back to my home, we swung by the National Date Festival fairgrounds, which are nearby! The Date Festival is an annual event held in February and features a carnival and agricultural and art displays. There are competitions in photography (I won a second place ribbon a few years ago!), baking, sewing, art, and many other areas. I told Clawdeen about all of the exhibits, yummy food, and rides, but we were two weeks early so the grounds were empty except for some palm trees.

In the morning, we stopped by the soccer fields to watch my nephew play in a tournament. Because our weather is so nice in the Winter and Spring, we can have outdoor sports almost year round and Jordan loves to play soccer. Clawdeen was impressed with the team (they won 6-1).

Clawdeen and I decided to head out to Palm Springs, also known as the Playground of the Stars, to meet Heidi Fleischmann and her kids Shianne (7) and Jacob (4). We started out at the Starbucks on Palm Canyon, which is one of the many popular coffee shops on this busy shopping street! Shianne brought some friends for Clawdeen.

Clawdeen was so excited to do some shopping along Palm Canyon, there are tons of boutiques all along this major tourist spot!

Clawdeen was really impressed with our statue of Marilyn Monroe – and so relieved to know that someone famous also has some problems keeping her skirt in place!

Next we drove up the “Tramway Road” to the bottom station of the Palm Springs Tramway. They had one of the original cars on display and Clawdeen tried to get in, but the doors were locked. We caught some beautiful views while we were there as well!

We knew we wanted to show Clawdeen the “Welcome to Palm Springs” sign, and we were all excited to finally find it! She insisted on sitting up by the letters even though they towered above her!  If you look closely, you can just see her between the letters!

She also loved seeing some of our local plants – palm trees, cactus, and bougainvillea.

While we were driving around the city, Shianne showed Clawdeen some of the pictures on her phone. Everyone was excited when we spotted our new Hard Rock Hotel. It opened just a few months ago.

We finished our day with some frozen yogurt since our “winter” day was a warm 80 degrees!

On the way back to the car, Clawdeen just had to pose on this very colorful rooster. And when we found this statue of Lucille Ball, everyone wanted in on the photo!


Sending lots of love from Palm Springs,

Cyndi Furr and Heidi, Shianne, and Jacob Fleischmann


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