Running ‘Round Nurragingy Reserve

Hi Delilah,


A group of us lovely ladies and children here in Sydney were delighted to host Clawdeen on her visit. We decided to take her to Nurragingy, a local park where you can play at the playgrounds, have a picnic, ride your bike, play with a ball and even feed the ducks. Clawdeen is a good girl and had her hat on to protect her face from the sun. Hers is a special one as it has the Australian flag on it!


While she was at the park she got interviewed by a lovely lady called Suzie. They talked about lots of things. One topic was the weather and how different it was where they both live. Here in Australia, we only have snow in the Snowy Mountains which is about 5 hours south of Sydney. Unlike you, Delilah! You have snow right outside your front door!


After they talked for a while, Suzie offered to take Clawdeen on a little bushwalk. They had lots of fun and saw lizards, ants, birds and some different kinds of plants that we have here in our bush. I think you might call your “bush” a “forest,” Delilah.


After the bush walk, they were both very tired. So they decided to have a rest in the tent that Suzie brought with her. It was a lovely pink camouflage colour, just like your Mummy’s drink bottle, Delilah.


After they had rested for a while, Clawdeen said goodbye to Suzie and went out to sit on a log outside the Blacksmith’s Hut. On the weekends, you can come and visit this hut where they show you how to make chain links, sharpen tools and make horse shoes, plus lots of other fun things to do with metal.


It was here that Clawdeen also had arranged to meet Röd and the boys. Clawdeen asked if she could take them for a ride in her shiny blue car and they yelled, “Yes please, Clawdeen!”  Röd sat perched high up on Clawdeen’s shoulder so he could see everything. Clawdeen even had the Australian flag on the back of her car that Suzie had given her.


After the ride in the car, Clawdeen gave Röd a quick kiss on the nose and told him he was very cute, and that she was pleased to have met him at last. Of course, all the fellas called out that they wanted a kiss too.


So they set the tent up again near the Blacksmith’s Hut and they were all supposed to line up in a straight line, just like you do at school, Delilah.


But they were very naughty and didn’t do as they were told. They crowded closer, wanting to be the first to give Clawdeen a hug and a kiss and tell her how much they loved meeting her. They also wanted to give her a hug to give to you, Delilah, for when she got home.

After saying goodbye to Röd and the boys, Clawdeen headed over to the Chinese Gardens, a special area of the park where they have some lovely Chinese buildings.


When Clawdeen got there, she spotted a pretty waterfall and wanted to have a photo of her sitting on the rock with the water in the background.


While she was there, three children came up and sat next to her to talk to her. Their names were Brayden, Caitlyn and Emily. Sadly, two of them had to go home with their Mummy.


After two of her new friends went home, Clawdeen went for a walk and spotted a pony hiding in the hibiscus flowers. Clawdeen went for a ride on this pony, which had a pretty mane of purple, pink and white.  Purple is your favourite colour, isn’t it, Delilah?


Clawdeen sat for a while high in the tree to admire the view from the top of the hill in the Chinese Garden. She was feeling sad because she knew the friends she had met today in Sydney would have to go home soon. But, she was also excited, because she knew that she was going home to you soon, Delilah.


Then she had a great idea and she knew exactly what to do! So she called her new friends over and told them she wanted to take her very own photo of her new friends to show Delilah what wonderful, kind friends she had met in Sydney.


Clawdeen said her goodbyes, and promised to convey the hugs and birthday wishes everyone had given her to Delilah. Suzie came with the shiny blue car and they drove off up the road with Clawdeen waving from the passenger seat.

So Delilah, the Sydney PAD ladies and children had a wonderful time showing Clawdeen around one of their parks and were very sad to see her go. But, they know that Clawdeen has some other wonderful adventures to have before she makes it home to you.

Lots of love sent from, Joanne, Emily, Elena, Debbie, Jody, Lynn, Rachel, Caitlyn, Brayden, Vicki and Tori from Sydney, Australia

Story by: Vicki Goldsmith

Photos by: Joanne Boyd, Elena Lindfield Seager, Debbie Nash, Jody Reilly Kavanagh, Lynn Pigram Deuis, Rachel Whitehead, and Vicki and Tori Goldsmith.


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