Playing in Parkdale

Hi Delilah,

My name is Liz and your friend Clawdeen came to visit me for a few days on her way home to you. I live in a place called Parkdale, which is a suburb of Melbourne in Australia.

It was a very hot day when I picked her up to bring her home. It was over 40 degrees Celsius, which is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s lucky I have air conditioning in my car as I had to drive for an hour to get home.

Clawdeen was very happy to come to my house as I have a big garden and we live close to the beach. She wanted to go to the beach, but it was very hot so we had to wait until it was cooler. Because it was so hot we stayed inside and watched the Australian Open Tennis Championship on TV.


She loved the special chair I had for her. It was just the right size and she could get a good view of the TV.


When it cooled off in the evening, we went to the beach. She was very interested in the statue of a horse at the beach. She sat on top of the statue where she could see for a long way because it’s very high up.


She was also interested to read about the history of horses in the area where I live.


The next morning I showed Clawdeen around my garden.


As we walked around, she loved the tomatoes growing in the vegetable garden. She wanted to try one but they weren’t ripe yet.


She also liked seeing the bird bath full of water for the birds to drink. She wanted to go for a swim but I told her it was for the birds to drink and wash themselves in so she just sat on the edge instead.


Clawdeen also liked the big statue of a Buddha head in my garden and wanted to sit on top of it.


She was excited to see the small paddling pool I bought for my granddaughter and she played in it for a while before it got too hot. She had fun on the slide and said that was the best thing about the pool.


Later that day we went to a shopping centre called Chadstone, where there are over 500 shops. We looked at lots of jewellery and clothes. We found a piano near Prada, which is an expensive clothes store, and I took a photo of her on top of it. There was a sign on it saying not to play the piano, but Clawdeen said she wasn’t playing the piano… she was just sitting on it.


Clawdeen loved it when my granddaughter Indi came to visit. Indi brought her doll friend, Pixie, to play with Clawdeen and they all had fun together.

Clawdeen asked to borrow my computer so she could see if anyone had sent her an email as she had been away for a long time. She was worried about missing school and thought she might be in trouble. There was a message from Headless Headmistress Bloodgood and this is what the message said: “In light of your current trip and the reason thereof, please consider all absences excused.” Clawdeen was so happy that she wouldn’t be in trouble when she got back to school.


There was just one more thing for us to do before Clawdeen went to visit another family on her way home to you, Delilah. We went to the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens where we met with some lovely people from FMS Photo a Day who all love you and Clawdeen and want to see her back with you again. Clawdeen was glad her friend Pixie could come too.


We went into the gift shop and Clawdeen loved seeing the crystals. She wanted a photo of her with the crystals and a cockatoo.


We had lunch in the cafe and then went for a walk around the gardens.


Clawdeen loved the plant called Kangaroo Paw. The flowers look like kangaroos’ paws, which is how they got their name.


She also liked playing in the water and going down the slide with Indi.

Clawdeen went to visit some other friends, who looked after her for a couple of days. Then she came back to me so I could take her into the city to meet another friend, who took her to her next adventure. Clawdeen loved the train trip into the city, but we couldn’t get a seat by the window so she couldn’t look out.


When we got to the city we went to look at the Yarra River. It was a beautiful day and Clawdeen enjoyed seeing the canoes on the river.

I said goodbye to Clawdeen. She was looking forward to her next stop, but she also wants to get back to you, Delilah, because she misses you so much.

By Liz Furey





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