Fun in Formby


I am Sam and Clawdeen came to stay with me overnight in Formby, near Liverpool, in England.  

Image Image

We wanted to visit so many places but it was really cold & raining, so after a little chat, Clawdeen decided she wanted to see the famous Antony Gormley statues on a beach nearby; she thought you would like to see them too as you are very creative. I hope you like them. There are 100 of them all along the beach. We were really lucky the sun came out for a little while and we managed to take a few photographs.

Unfortunately, it started to rain really fast, so we decided to go visit my grandchildren Finley and Betsey, but they were having an afternoon nap so Clawdeen asked if she could meet some of their friends.

She had a really good chat with Jessie from Toy Story, before Buzz came along. They all got along really well and enjoyed playing together.

At tea time, Clawdeen visited Betsey’s Fairy Palace, where she enjoyed a real English Cream Tea with scones, jam and cream. Sadly, they ate it all before I could get a photo.

After tea, we were feeling a little tired so we decided to head home for a rest.

I asked Clawdeen if she would like to see some of the PAD photos and she said she would love to. It was amazing as the very first one we saw was the photo your mummy had posted of the beautiful sky in Brooklyn.

Even though she has had a lovely time visiting lots of different places, Clawdeen is happy it won’t be too long now before she is home with you and your lovely family, Delilah.

Much love from Sam (Street) in Formby
Finley & Betsey send snuggles too 💜💜💜


One thought on “Fun in Formby

  1. aww Sam looks like you (and Clawdeen) had a very nice visit … did buzz go into spanish mode on setting eyes on our beautiful werewolf??? glad you had fun and finally met clawdeen!

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