Some Fun Observations in Oswestry

Hey there Delilah,

Clawdeen arrived in Oswestry, Shropshire, England this week. It was so nice to see her, but it was a shame, because it was pouring with rain outside. However, we found some fun things to do indoors.

First of all, Clawdeen met Stewart the Minion. She wondered if you had seen the film Despicable Me yet.


I had planned to go through a lot of old things to tidy them away or donate them to charity. I got distracted from the tidying, however, when Clawdeen and I found this old games console, the Super Nintendo. Clawdeen wondered if Delilah’s mummy and daddy used to have one?


Clawdeen was very good at basketball! She decided this was more fun than the games console.


Clawdeen told me it was time for her to go, since she can’t wait to arrive at your house to see you again. She decided to go to her next house on the scooter.

By Sophie Lawrence


3 thoughts on “Some Fun Observations in Oswestry

  1. Great story, but you posted the pic of Clawdeen and Stewart the Minion twice. I didn’t get to see the Super Nintendo. I still have one, but it needs new controllers. Sometimes I miss playing. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing Clawdeen’s adventures with you, Sophie!

  2. I see now. Yeah, my favorite SNES game was and probably still is Donkey Kong Country. That is the game that came with my console. Anyway, nice to see the SNES and Clawdeen together.

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