A Wild Time in Werribee

Hey There Delilah, This is Kim, Donna, Liz, and Tanya here in Melbourne, Australia. We wanted to let you know that Clawdeen got to spend some time with us in Werribee at Mondells, which is a very yummy cake shop. Image When we heard from your special friend, Trudi, that Clawdeen was on her way home to you in Brooklyn, NY, we thought it might be nice to take her to the Werribee Zoo; we thought you might like to see some of the animals. The weather in Melbourne had been so hot while Clawdeen visited each of us and by time Wednesday arrived it was only getting hotter so we decided to find a nice cool coffee shop to meet instead of going to the Zoo. At 9 a.m., it was 35.2 degrees Celsius, which is 95.36 degrees Fahrenheit! So even though we were all very hot, we enjoyed some yummy treats. Image Image We talked for ages and ages and all of a sudden Liz looked at her watch and saw it was time for her to take Clawdeen home to her place, ready for some more adventures. Another friend who met us there in Melbourne, Leash, decided to take her 3 little boys, Memphis, Talisyn and Keirnan to see the animals at the Werribee Zoo despite the heat. Here is a photo of the boys having fun with some stripy black and white zebras in the background. Image Here are some very tall giraffes standing up in the open space of the zoo.   Image   Here is a very interesting animal. It is a meerkat. It stands up just like a human and has dark eyes and ears. Have you ever seen a meerkat before, Delilah?   Image  

Clawdeen was a bit sad that she didn’t see the animals, so we hope she’ll be able to see these photos when she gets home to you.  

Goodbye for now, Delilah!

From Kim, Donna, Liz, Tanya & Leash    


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