A Howling Good Time in Wolverhampton

Hey there Delilah,

My name is Nicky, and I was lucky enough to help your special friend, Clawdeen, get back home to you very, very soon. Since Clawdeen has been found all the way over in Australia, many people have sent her a little bit closer to her favourite diva: you! I really hope that you will see each other soon.

We had a right scare when Clawdeen was late coming to our house… luckily, she had left a message for me, telling me where she had gone, so we could go and pick her up. She was very glad to be safe with us, though the nice people at the Royal Mail office looked after her really well.

She was very surprised to see that my steering wheel was on the other side of the car and that we drive on the left side of the road, the same as she saw in Australia.

On our way home, Clawdeen spotted a pet shop and wanted to have a look. We needed to get some food for our pets, so we took her to see some of the animals they have there.


We eventually arrived at our house and Clawdeen got to meet the family. Cameron (who happens to have autism) watched some TV with her, but Clawdeen was much more interested in our other pets. She liked Cooper, our dog and she met Ozzy, the bearded dragon, Leonardo the leopard gecko and Esmee and Carl our fire bellied toads. I was very impressed that Clawdeen was not scared of any of them and wanted to play with them.


It was getting a bit late now, so Clawdeen helped me prepare our dinner. She read out all the ingredients from the iPad and made sure I had put the oven to the right temperature. She told me she likes baking, but it was a bit late for us to make any nice cakes. I made sure Clawdeen brushed her teeth and had a wash before tucking her in for a good night’s sleep. But Clawdeen just could not fall asleep. She was feeling homesick, so I got the iPad out for her and we had a look at you and Jackson. Clawdeen felt so much better after that. She finally settled and slept all night long.


The next day we got up early and took Clawdeen to Wolverhampton, which is a town near us. In town, Clawdeen saw many fun things! She wanted to feed the pigeons and found a water fountain with really big fish, but because it is winter here, there was no water in the fountain. We went to the art gallery, where we saw some awesome things. Clawdeen was held up high by one of the muses, and found a face made entirely out of coat hangers, a funny little man holding a book. And then she found some dress up clothes! These were very old (and very big), but we had fun letting her try them on anyway. Then Clawdeen spotted a big globe and she couldn’t wait to show me where Brooklyn is. It is a very long way, but she knows she is getting closer and closer to home.



After the art gallery, we had a quick look around town. Clawdeen spotted the tram line, which is like a very slow train and goes all the way from Wolverhampton to Birmingham. Clawdeen managed to get up close to the tram and was even allowed to sit on the bumper by the driver. We also saw some lovely balloons that Clawdeen thought you would like. But she got really excited when she spotted some Monster High pyjamas in a shop! She really wanted to buy them but they did not have them in her size.


When we arrived back at home, we knew that Clawdeen had to hurry to make her next visit, but she wanted to leave a message for you, Delilah. So, with a little help, she wrote the following note:


I knew that she was happy to be with us, but she also misses home and you very much, so sent her to another friend, who lives a little bit closer to you! I hope Clawdeen has a great journey and that she will be back home with you very, very soon.

Lots of love from Nicky (Evans) & family in the West Midlands.


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