Escapades in Eden

Clawdeen arrived in Eden and thought she had landed in paradise. It was a hot afternoon so we took her down to the beach for dinner. It was cool there.


The next morning we took Clawdeen to visit the Eden Killer Whale Museum. She was told the story of Old Tom and his pack of killer whales that had helped the whalers. There were school holiday activities so Clawdeen went to the table and colored in a fish.


At the museum she met Ashlyn, another Diva like Delilah. She was surprised that Ashlyn wanted to take her sightseeing around Eden.


The first place Ashlyn took Clawdeen was to the Lookout. Here they saw the sea fog that was covering the bay. They also saw the Cat Balou, the whale watching boat. Clawdeen waved to the people on the boat.


They then went to the beach where they met the lifeguards on duty for the day. Lalage and Rory explained to Clawdeen why she should always swim between the flags when she goes swimming at the beach.


For lunch, Clawdeen had a BBQ with our family. It was my birthday and Clawdeen helped cut the cake while Chloe and the rest of the family looked on.


Later in the day Clawdeen went kite flying. The wind was not too strong so she only had a little fly. The wind blew her hair about and she had to find her brush.


That evening there was a full moon. Clawdeen sat on a post and looked up at it and then out to sea, thinking of her Diva Delilah. I think she was wondering if Delilah was looking at the full moon as well. Not long to go before you’re back home, Clawdeen.


With Ashlyn Fulton and Stephanie Rawlings


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