A Wonderful Time in Williamstown

Hey there, Delilah,

My name is Tanya and I enjoy taking photos and crocheting. I live in Williamstown, which is very close to the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

When Clawdeen arrived I was so excited! However, I still had some chores to do before we could go out to play. First we needed to wrap a present for Trudi, because she was very kind to Clawdeen when she was lost in Western Australia. It is a Minion beanie and we hope it fits her!



Clawdeen was so interested in the Minion beanie she asked if I could teach her how to crochet. She was actually quite good at crocheting and she started a pretty purple blanket. I think I might need to finish it, or else Clawdeen might never get home to you, Delilah!


Then Clawdeen had to patiently watch me finish making some strawberry and raspberry jam using some very cheerful yellow lemons, which had come all the way from the United States of America.


Finally, with the chores finished, it was time to go out! Our first stop was to show Clawdeen the beautiful view across Hobson’s Bay towards the city of Melbourne. There are lots of small sailing boats sitting on the calm water along with lots of white seagulls cooling themselves in the shallow water. We had hoped we might be able to send you a lovely rainbow, Delilah, because we know you enjoy seeing them. But, sadly, there weren’t any rainbows today, only bright blue sky.


It was about 35 degrees Celsius (about 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and we were so hot that we decided we couldn’t wait any longer to cool off. So we bought a fruits-of-the-forest ice cream and ate it in front of the HMAS Castlemaine on Gem Pier. You can see how hot it was, because the ice cream was melting much quicker than Clawdeen could eat it up.


We thought that Clawdeen might like to see a very special and extremely rare geological sight that is found here in Williamstown. It is a lava blister that was formed many millions of years ago when there was lots of volcanic activity. The hot lava flowed towards the water and a build-up of gases meant that a huge 3 metre bubble was formed. It is a circle shape and you can see Clawdeen sitting in front of it among the rocks.


Checking the time out in front of the historic Time Ball Tower, Clawdeen knew it would soon be time to click those groovy heels to get home to little Delilah!



While at the beach, I gave Clawdeen a few things to play with in the sand. I gave her a bright green Statue of Liberty and a golden Empire State Building along with a flag of the United States of America. This made her happy to think that even though I lived so far away from New York, these were some of my precious memories from when I visited New York City. Clawdeen wondered what she might take back home as a memory of her travels in Australia. I wonder too!


It had been such a busy day for Clawdeen, so just before heading off to her next adventure, Clawdeen had a manicure! She is looking in tip-top shape to meet some new friends at the Werribee Zoo.


There wasn’t a rainbow shining today, Delilah, when Clawdeen visited my town, so I will keep looking for rainbows. Whenever I see one, I know I will think of you.

Kind wishes to you, from me in Williamstown.

By Tanya Travers


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