Wandering Around Werribee

Hey There Delilah,

Clawdeen has come to stay with me in Werribee, which is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  She arrived on a very hot, sunny day and the first thing she wanted to do was go for a swim! She thought it was so good to take off her boots and dip her feet in the water! But she didn’t want to get her hair wet!


Clawdeen needed some sunscreen on her face so she wouldn’t get sunburnt – it’s important to always wear sunscreen in the sun to protect your skin! Sometimes in Australia, people use zinc cream on their face just the way Clawdeen has – She took a ‘selfie’ photo so you could see how cute she looked!


Clawdeen hung out with my sons, Mathew and Mark, for a little while, playing a soccer game on the X-Box. She had so much fun and even kicked a few goals!


Clawdeen took a walk in our back yard and suddenly had a great idea! She wanted to visit the beach. She loved the beach and wanted to have a picnic while we were there. So off we went to Werribee South Beach. When we got there, she ran onto the sand and looked for a shell that she could put up to her ear to listen to the ocean. It was very windy and her hair kept blowing into her face!


We sat on the picnic blanket on the sand and had a picnic lunch. Clawdeen had a Vegemite sandwich and thought it was delicious! She thinks that Delilah will have to try Vegemite one day!


When we got home Clawdeen played cricket with Mathew and Mark. She was wicket keeper, which means she has to stop the ball and try and get the batter out. Mathew bowled the ball to Mark, he was almost out, but the ball stopped just before it hit the yellow wickets! Clawdeen had lots of fun with the boys!


Clawdeen was starting to get tired; she’d had a very busy day! But she had to help me with a very important job – choosing the Fab 4 in our favourite group – FMS Photo – A – Day! She helped choose 8 of her favourite photos from the prompt ‘Looking Down.’ Clawdeen loved the photo of the little piggies and of the little girl reading – she knows how important it is for little girls to read and learn.


After dinner Clawdeen and I went outside. All of a sudden she got very excited and yelled out to me to come over to the gate. When I got to her, I saw that she’d found a dandelion – one of my most favourite things in the world!


It was the most perfect end to a wonderful day. Clawdeen went to sleep dreaming of you, Delilah, and the day she will get to give you a great big cuddle again!

By Kim Mitchell


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