A Walk About Wyndham Vale

I had a call from my friend to say Clawdeen was in town and would like to visit us in Wyndham Vale, so I was very excited! We drove over to pick up Clawdeen in our convertible, and she was very excited to ride with the wind blowing in her hair! She did try to convince us to let her drive but we told her that was a bit naughty and she needed to pop into the back seat and put on her seat belt!


We drove to Werribee South Beach, which is close to our place. Clawdeen saw all the boats and asked if I thought one of them might take her home to you, Delilah. I explained they were just little fishing boats, but not to worry, because you both have a lot of friends who are going to make sure you are together again soon.


We then sat together to watch a beautiful sunset (because you know, Delilah, they are my favourite thing in the whole world), and I explained to Clawdeen that the sun that was setting here would be the same sun that would soon rise over New York, so she blew a kiss for the sun to take to you!


We headed back to my house for a sleepover. Clawdeen met my Wizard friend who sits on my bedside table and she told him she was excited to meet someone who could do magic! The Wizard told Clawdeen that he was excited to meet her as well, because he thought that it was magical that so many people wanted to help her get home to you, Delilah!


The next morning, we woke up Clawdeen and I shared some breakfast.


And then, all of my friends in the Garden had a little get together to meet Clawdeen!

Then her new friends gave Clawdeen some lovely flowers and we waved her off on the next part of her journey home to you, Delilah!


It was wonderful to meet your lovely Clawdeen! When she gets home to you, be sure to ask her for the extra big hug I gave her just for you, Delilah!
Lots of love from your friend, Donna!

By Donna Hilton


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