A Trek to Thame

Hello Delilah,

My name is Sarah and I live in a town called Thame in England. A couple of days ago I met a friend who introduced me to Clawdeen.


Over coffee, Clawdeen told me all about you, Delilah, and how much she’s missing you.


She also told me about your brother, Jackson. She was very pleased to meet my little boy, Ethan, as he reminded her of Jackson!


After coffee we went for a walk around Thame. Clawdeen took a ride on one of our famous cows. She thought it was very funny to have statues of cows all around the town centre!


She also wanted to take a closer look at a British post-box, as they’re so different to the ones you have at home in America.


Back at my house, she asked to have a look through the photo-a-day page; she loved looking at the photos I had chosen for the marvelous montage.

That evening, Clawdeen came to the cinema with me, my biggest son, Rhys (he’s 13), and my Dad to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. She found the movie very interesting but thought it needed more werewolves.


She was pleased to find that we have Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream here in England and had a great big helping all to herself!


Straight after the cinema we had to go to bed as Clawdeen had promised to give me a hand at work the next morning. She turned out to be an excellent library assistant, look at how neatly she organised the books.


She especially liked the children’s section of the library; she saw lots of books that she’d like to share with you when she gets home. She was fascinated by the books of Roald Dahl, a local author, and wondered if you knew any of his stories.

 We had so much fun together, but now Clawdeen’s time with me is over and she needs to continue on her journey home to you. She has lots of tales to tell when she sees you again.

Lots of love to you, Diva Delilah, and your family from all of us here in Thame, England.

By Sarah Minchin

Photo of Ethan by Shirley Dodds


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