Observing Oxford

Hello Delilah,

I am Shirley and I live in a beautiful town in England called Oxford. I was thrilled that Clawdeen made time to visit me on her journey home to you in Brooklyn.


On arriving at my home, Clawdeen did the cleaning as she wanted to try out the vacuum cleaner, which she had never used before because they were always too big for her.

I knew that she planned to visit a lot of other people and could only spend a little time with me so I tried to show her all the places I like to go to in Oxford.


In this photo we stood on a bridge over the river. There is a lot of water in the fields as well because we have had a lot of rain here in England.


A little way on from the bridge was a lovely garden. Clawdeen really loved sitting here and listening to the fountain that you can see behind her.


We did do some window shopping whilst we walked into the town. Clawdeen saw this big suitcase and wondered if it would be nice to have for her travels but decided it was a bit too big!


We then walked past a lot of very old buildings; there are a lot of these in Oxford.


Another thing there are a lot of in the town are bicycles, Clawdeen really liked the bicycles that had baskets on the front them!


After all that walking Clawdeen thought it would be fun to sit on this sign for a little while.


Suddenly, it started to rain. Luckily we were near my most favourite shop in Oxford. It is one of the biggest book shops in the world.


Clawdeen made friends with these two ducks and wanted her photo taken with them.


It was really exciting in the Children’s book department. There was a really big dinosaur and an area where you could sit and do some drawing. Clawdeen and I drew a heart just for you.


I showed Clawdeen a whole bookshelf of Alice in Wonderland books! There were so many because the books were written in Oxford.


It was still raining when we came out of the bookshop and I remembered that one of the photos that I shared on Facebook was of the old indoor market so we went there next. She could see a lot of shops there, but the one she wanted to look at most of all was the cake making shop, where she could see the ladies decorating the cakes.


When Clawdeen saw the red phone box she wanted to call Delilah, but realised that she would still be in bed asleep.


Not far from the market is a lovely big tower with a clock, Clawdeen loved it when it was 2.15pm and the bells were hit by hammers being held by the toy soldiers. Once we realised what the time was, we knew it was time for Clawdeen to leave me.

I had such a wonderful time showing her my home town but I knew she needed to visit her next Facebook friend.

She is so excited to be on her way home to you, Delilah.

Sending you my love all the way from England.

By Shirley Dodds.


2 thoughts on “Observing Oxford

  1. What a great day!!! At some point through her journey I am thinking Clawdeen may need a foot massage and a day of beauty!

  2. Wow you make me want to come to oxford it looks so lovely. I’m also thinking a foot massage may be in order that’s a lot of walking for a little doll

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