Adventures in Ashford

Hey there Delilah,

My name is Sangeeta and I live in Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom. I had the pleasure of hosting Clawdeen, whose best friend is you, Diva Delilah!

Clawdeen arrived at our home after a long working trip in London, where she had a photo shoot for a new film she might be in. But she was full of beans and excited to be in Ashford, collecting special memories to share with Delilah when they meet up.

She quickly made friends with Mr. 15, who was making dinner as I was not feeling very well. Clawdeen was interested to see what was for dinner. But Mr. 15 did not let her in the kitchen ‘til it was ready.


We had pizza for dinner!!


Clawdeen heard the sound of Bollywood music coming from our family room and rushed into the room to see. There was the Bollywood version of Strictly Come Dancing on the TV. Clawdeen seemed to get the moves very quickly!

Clawdeen woke up next morning raring to go.


Clawdeen was keen to go to the Eastwell Tower. This tower is very near my home and Clawdeen had seen it on the Photo A Day (PAD) Facebook page.


As Mr. 15 is going back to school tomorrow, he had an appointment with Sally for his haircut. Sally was kind enough to give a quick touch up to Clawdeen. Sally was amazed to hear all about Clawdeen’s adventures in Australia and New Zealand and how she was going to travel in USA and Europe too on her way back to her BFF Delilah.


We decided to take Clawdeen to the village of Wye. On the way there, the weather suddenly changed as we drove along. As we reached the top of the hill, we realised that it was very windy and rain was falling. Clawdeen did not seem to mind it at all and rather enjoyed the cold weather.

This is where Clawdeen said good-bye to me and Mr. 15 as she was going to visit another of our PAD friend.  We are looking forward to seeing and reading about her adventures with all her Facebook friends.

By Sangeeta Gandhi


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