Rockin’ Around in Rockingham

My name is Maggie, and my family felt very honoured to host Clawdeen – the Diva who happens to be awesome – this weekend. She was so much fun to have around, and I think she enjoyed herself too! I live in Rockingham in Western Australia, where it is summer just now and Clawdeen enjoyed all the lovely sunshine.

Clawdeen is on an amazing journey, visiting all of Delilah’s fans around the world as she makes her way back to New York where her very favourite person in the whole wide world lives.

On her way, Clawdeen wants to have as many adventures and experiences as she can, so that she can show Delilah all the pictures when she returns to New York.

So, what did we do this weekend? Well, I was making some shortbread, as my family comes from Scotland where we love shortbread, and Clawdeen was very keen to help.


She had to be very careful to keep clean as I couldn’t find an apron small enough to fit her. She helped me weigh the flour, sugar and butter and then she helped by mixing it all together with a wooden spoon. This was very hard work as Clawdeen is quite small and the spoon is very big! When she had finished, we put the shortbread biscuits in the oven until they were ready. Later we ate them and they were yummy!

Clawdeen always wants to help people, and she even helped change a tyre on my son Robbie’s remote control truck! She used the tools to take off the old tyre and then to put the new one on. She was such a great help today!


Then… it was time to explore outside. My garden is very large, and as Clawdeen is quite small, she decided to explore the garden on a motorcycle. She laughed and laughed as she whizzed around the garden, waving to my cat Bonnie, and my dog Cefira. They were both a little afraid of this motorbike driving around so fast, so they would not stay still for photographs, but I did manage to get a lovely one of Clawdeen on the motorcycle.


And then… Clawdeen made an amazing discovery! She found a mysterious little fairy door that I had never seen before, hidden behind some plant pots! I am sure that fairies live there, because, who else would be small enough to fit through such a tiny little secret door? Clawdeen knocked on the door and waited, and waited. Then she knocked again, and I left her there for a little while, because everyone knows that fairies won’t come out when grownups are around.


Later, I asked Clawdeen if she met the fairies who live there… and she just smiled… a little secret smile…

Even though Clawdeen is having a great time on her travels and is enjoying all of her adventures, she still misses her very very favourite person Delilah, and can’t wait to see her again. She wanted to find a special way to let Delilah know how much she loves her, so we took a photograph of Clawdeen with the word “Love” and Delilah’s name…  and of course, with Clawdeen right in the middle!


Tomorrow morning, I’ll be taking Clawdeen to send her off on the next stage of her adventures. She’ll have to go on an aeroplane, and then maybe a train to get there. Tonight she is tucked up in bed sound asleep, as she has a long journey ahead tomorrow. I am sure she is dreaming about all the adventures she’ll get up to.

By Maggie Celenza


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