A Perfect Day in Perth

Dear Delilah,

My name is Danielle and I am six years old. I am so excited to be a part of Clawdeen’s adventure while she is in Australia. My family drove for an hour to pick Clawdeen up and Clawdeen was very excited to sit in the big kid’s booster seat in the back of the car.


Tonight, before bed, my Barbie and Clawdeen played a game called Skip-Bo. I get to play this with my Mummy and Daddy at bedtime instead of a story sometimes.


I got this game for Christmas. What did you get for Christmas, Delilah?

Love, Danielle

Hello Delilah,

Danielle here again! Guess what? I took Clawdeen into Perth today. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, which is where I live. We started the day off by having coffees.


Then I took Clawdeen to a store called Roc where they make their own candy. It is SO yummy!


After that we walked together through the city to a place called London Court, which is a shopping mall that looks like an Old English Village.


In London Court, there is a lovely little cafe that Mum and Dad took us to, and I shared my chocolate milkshake with Clawdeen.


Afterwards, I took Clawdeen down to the riverside, where they have a building we call the Bell Tower, which has large church bells inside that ring during the day.


Our last stop in Perth was at a park where they had some statues of kangaroos.


For lunch, I took Clawdeen up to Kings Park, which is a very large park that sits on a hill overlooking the city of Perth. The views are really pretty and having a picnic lunch with Clawdeen was fabulous.


The last thing I did with Clawdeen on the way home today was to visit Scarborough Beach, where I let Clawdeen and Barbie drive Barbie’s little pink car along the coast, enjoying the sunshine and the sea.


We have had a very busy day and Clawdeen enjoyed it very much! We are all going to sleep very well tonight.

Good night!

Love, Danielle

By Cindy Fryer and Danielle


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Day in Perth

  1. Wow Danielle you Barbie and Clawdeen had a fabulous day she is going to have heaps of tales to tell Delilah when she gets home

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