Lost Doll is Found!

Hey there, Delilah! I have the most amazing story to tell you!


Yesterday Boo and I went to the beach for our usual morning walk. Boo was running around chasing seagulls and digging holes, and then she ran on ahead and started barking at me to come and look what she had found. When I got there, I saw she had found a beautiful doll with lovely long hair, awesome purple and black clothes, and teeny tiny fangs!  But the doll looked a little bit depressed, so I asked her whether she was okay and she told me she was feeling a bit sad and lonely. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help and this is the story that she told me.

Her name is Clawdeen and she’s a werewolf. She comes from a faraway place called Brooklyn. One day when she was a brand-new doll in her box she met her best forever friend whose name was Delilah. Delilah and her little brother Jackson and their Mommy took Clawdeen to the park and it was there that Delilah took Clawdeen out of the box. Clawdeen was so happy to have a new best friend and she could just tell that Delilah loved her back. Delilah even protected Clawdeen from Jackson when he kept trying to take her. Clawdeen showed me a picture of herself with Jackson trying to grab her before Delilah stopped him.


Oh, the fun they had together that day! They played on the slides, not letting even a little bit of rain stop the fun. Delilah, being a very kindhearted best friend, allowed another little girl (who was much younger) at the park to play with Clawdeen. But, this little girl accidentally took Clawdeen home to the wrong house. When Clawdeen realised that she wasn’t with her best friend, Delilah, she was very sad and straight away set out on a journey to get back home to Delilah. She had been travelling a very long time all over the world and still could not find her best friend.

Now, can you imagine my surprise as she told me her story? Because I knew her best friend Delilah, with a little brother Jackson, and a Mommy who took them to play in a park in Brooklyn!!! She was so happy when I told her I knew where she came from! She jumped up and down for joy! She decided right then and there that she would come home with me, and I would help her travel all the way home to Brooklyn!, On the way Clawdeen would visit with all Delilah’s Facebook fans so she would never be lonely again.

After we all stopped jumping up and down for joy (even Boo was jumping) we decided to take some pictures so that Delilah could see where we found her. Clawdeen enjoyed having her picture taken very much! She kept having all these ideas like,


“take one of me lying on my blue blanket” and


“take one of me sitting on that log.” We had lots of fun and laughs as Boo wanted to be in all the pictures too.

When we returned from the beach to my house we were very hot, so Clawdeen asked, “Could we please go for swim in the pool?” She really enjoyed floating around on the big purple starfish!!


After a swim we were hungry, so I suggested that we go for lunch somewhere. Clawdeen said her favourite lunch in the whole wide world was a McDonald’s Happy Meal. That was very lucky because I love McDonald’s Happy Meals, too! Clawdeen was too tired to walk to McDonald’s, so Boo kindly offered her a ride. Clawdeen laughed and laughed as she rode Boo! It was hard for her to hold on and laugh and keep her hair out of her eyes, all at the same time!!


After lunch, I was a bit sad as it was time for Clawdeen to travel to her next Facebook friend. But I knew that every new visit would bring her one step closer to being home with her best friend Delilah!!! We took a lovely picture of Clawdeen next to some beautiful purple flowers as Clawdeen had told me her favourite colour is purple.Image

Sending all our love from Falcon, Mandurah, West Australia!

By Trudi Grant


8 thoughts on “Lost Doll is Found!

  1. Awesome job! Clawdeen is really going to see the world before she gets back to miss D with a wonderful story to share.

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